Natural Herbal Onion Hair Oil 100ml for Hair fall control -Dandruff control – Regrowth hair – Nourish Hair Follicle – Hair Thinning Hair Oil


  • Nourishes hair follies and restores lost nutrients to scalp
  • Reduces hair fall
  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Boosts Hair Density, Thickness, Fullness, Strength & Overall Hair Health.
  • Sulfate Free – Paraben Free.
  • How to Use : Onion Oil must be warmed up and applied overnight Initially. It must be washed the next morning. This increases hair growth activity on the scalp. It must be applied twice a week at first. Then, after a few weeks it can be reduced to once a week. The oil has all kinds of natural ingredients that undoubtedly make it one of the best oils for hair growth.

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Onion Oil when massaged on the scalp enables you to retain the natural luster of the hair. But it is crucial to emphasis on the way one massages the oil into the hair. Rapid and rough application can do more damage than being a source of advantage. This way of application may disrupt the position of the roots of the hair and cause hair loss. Application Onion oil demands a gentle hand. The oil must be poured onto the center of the scalp and then must be massaged all over the scalp in a particular direction. Emphasis must be laid on massaging it in the scalp and not in the hair. It will automatically penetrate into the hair once the scalp has absorbed enough.




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