Natural Herbal Natural Herbal Burgundy Mehndi 40gm


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Herbal Mehndi apply on hair is for nourishment and natural coloring of hair. Mehndi powder is made from Mehndi leaves from fresh crop every season and mixed with Indian herbs like amla, aritha, shikakai, Brahmi etc. For complete hair care. Mehndi is 100% natural and chemical free. Mix Mehndi powder with water, make a paste like honey. Keep the paste for 45-60 minutes or more and apply the paste gently on hair on fraction of hair from roots to the desired length. For dark and rich color cover head after applying Mehndi with a plastic cap. Keep it for 1hour and rinse the Mehndi from hair with normal water. Do not use shampoo. Dry your hair .The color will improve naturally in 24hour.
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